TY Equine Studies – Eimear Chance & Amy Meagher (Marketing – ITM) Visit In

Eimear Chance and Amy Meagher of ITM (Irish Thoroughbred Marketing), recently visited 4B as part of the Equine Studies module.

Amy only recently joined ITM while Eimear joined the ITM team in February 2015 from Great British Racing International (GBRI) where she was marketing and operations executive. With a family background in the horse racing industry in Ireland and the UK, Eimear graduated from university in 2008 and began working in Windsor Racecourse.

Irish Thoroughbred Marketing promotes Ireland as the leading source for the production and sale of quality thoroughbreds worldwide, and as a premier country in which to own, breed and buy thoroughbreds.


Established in 1991, Irish Thoroughbred Marketing (ITM) is a not-for-profit, non-trading, limited company, with the strength and integrity of Irish Government support, and the backing of the Irish Bloodstock industry, assuring absolute integrity and impartiality.

ITM is a subsidiary of Horse Racing Ireland (HRI), the semi-state organisation responsible for the administration of horse racing in Ireland.

ITM should be the first point of contact for any overseas person seeking information on any aspect of the Irish bloodstock industry, including

It was an interesting learning experience for the students. It provided an insight into the role of ITM but also a general overview of marketing in action. There was a discussion about a number of issues, including Brexit. A big thank you to Eimear for visiting our school and informing our students.

TY Economics – Local Politician (Mark Wall) Visit In

4D recently welcomed Mark Wall to CPC as part of the Economics module. Mark is a Labour Party member of Kildare County Council and he outlined the work involved in being a local public representative.

The students had the opportunity to ask questions and engage with Mark on economic issues such as housing, roads, etc. There was also a discussion of the national economic situation. Mark explained the role of the county council – highlighting the breakdown of the annual budget. It was an interesting learning experience for the students and a great opportunity to gain an insight into the workings of local government.

We wish to thank Mark for taking the time to visit the school and meet our students.

LCVP – Interviews (M Fleming)

The students of 5A were interviewed this week as part of the LCVP programme. It was a wonderful opportunity for them – one that will certainly stand to them in the future. Mairead Fleming (with assistance from Ms McDonnell & Mr Dowling) carried out the interviews.

The students must study “the world of work” as part of this subject. Mairead has already been in with this class (before midterm) to speak about CV preparation and interview technique which should have had them well-prepared for this experience.

Thanks to Mairead for returning to CPC to conduct the interviews and for providing the students with valuable feedback afterwards.

LCVP – Charity Donation – Cara Projects

The 5th Year LCVP class (5A) made a charity donation to Cara Projects. The funds were collected when 5A organised a 1st Year Table Quiz recently.

We welcomed back Paddy O’Connor to accept the funds on behalf of his charity – and he was very thankful for the support.

LCVP – Workplace Rights (Youth Connect / ICTU) Visit In

Selina Lindsay recently visited CPC to meet 5A as part of the ICTU’s Youth Connect programme.

At Youth Connect, the focus is on the issues concerning students and young people. With that in mind they have designed a programme specially for senior cycle students.  It has been developed by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions in partnership with the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union to inform students about their rights as students and workers.

Selina Lindsay is the North East Region Champion covering the counties of Louth, Meath, Cavan and Monaghan. Here is what she has to say about her role in the programme:

As the Youth Connect representative for the North East region I endeavour to raise awareness amongst students of their rights and responsibilities, as they move towards the working world. I aim to foster development of key skills which they will require to pivot them into a secure and positive adult life. As a qualified teacher I particularly enjoy the diversity of the programme which allows me engage with students from a range of subject areas including History, Business Studies and LCVP. The 1913 Lockout workshop, which delves into the history of workers‘rights, together with our variety of Working World workshops, brings the programme full circle. It is personally gratifying to listen to students’ views and hopefully illustrate topics in a way that ensures they see their relevance to their everyday lives.

Some of the Q’s dealt with during the talk were as follow:

  • what rights you are entitled to in school and at work?
  • what a written statement of employment is and why it is important?
  • all workers are entitled to receive a payslip?
  • what the minimum wage rate is?
  • who is on your school student council and how it works?
  • the conditions in which your clothes and accessories are made?
  • how trade unions work?

Lindsay’s talk will have helped the students learn about and understand these and other issues (such as the importance of Health & Safety) which will be important during school and later when they start to work.

Overall it was an interesting and worthwhile learning experience and it will benefit the LCVP students in the future.

Thanks to Lindsay for visiting our school.

TY Equine Studies – Irish Stable Staff Association (Bernard Caldwell & Paddy Doyle) Visit In

Bernard Caldwell and Paddy Doyle (chairperson and board member respectively of The Irish Stable Staff Association ISSA) recently met 4C as part of the Equine Studies module. Bernard is also the HRI Representative for the association as well as being a local politician – he’s a member of Kildare County Council for the Celbridge-Leixlip Municipal District.

The two men informed the students about the role of their association. It was a very enjoyable talk and the students learned a lot from it.

Thanks to Bernard and Paddy for visiting our school. We wish them and the ISSA well in the future.

TY Economics – Fiona O’Loughlin (National Politician) Visit In

4A recently met Fiona O’Loughlin as part of the Economics module.

Fiona told the students about the work of a national politician. She explained how she became involved in public life and told the students about her career in politics to date.

Elected in the general election in February 2016 as a Fianna Fail TD for Kildare South, Fiona spoke to the students about her work in the national parliament. She is the chairperson of the Education Committee and also a member of the Mental Health Committee. Fiona is the FF spokesperson for Equality and spoke about this. She outlined what she hopes to achieve in national politics. It was interesting to hear about the issues that Fiona is focusing on.

Fiona also discussed her work outside of politics. She was a primary school teacher in Newbridge before becoming a poltician. Having been heavily involved in organising the Special Olympics when it was held in Ireland in 2003, she spoke with pride and passion about that venture and still contributes wherever she can in this area.

There was discussion around the local and national situation – touching on economic issues. The students had the opportunity to engage with Fiona around these and it was a worthwhile learning experience.

We would like to thank Fiona for taking time out of a busy schedule to visit our school and educate our TY students and we wish her well in the future.

TY Economics – Ivan Keatley (Local Politician) Visit In

4A recently welcomed Ivan Keatley to CPC as part of the Economics module. Ivan is a past pupil of our school and is a member of Kildare County Council since Martin Heydon’s (another past pupil) election to Dail Eireann in 2011. Ivan replaced Martin as a FG county councillor and he outlined the work involved in being a local public representative. Re-elected in the Local Elections in 2014, he was the mayor of the county for a year until June 2017 and is currently chairperson of the Athy Municipal District.

The students had the opportunity to ask questions and engage with Ivan on economic issues. There was discussion of the economic situation. Ivan explained the role of the county council – most importantly in passing an annual budget. It was an interesting learning experience for the students and a great opportunity to gain an insight into the workings of local government.

We wish to thank Ivan for taking the time to visit the school and meet our students.

LCVP – Padraic Deasy (Portrait Photographer) Visit In

Local photographer and past pupil Padraic Deasy returned to CPC to meet the 5th Year LCVP class. It was a privilege to welcome Padraic back to the school.

This was a wonderful learning opportunity for the students. Padraic spoke about his career and provided a fascinating insight into the work of a successful entrepreneur. He encouraged the students to follow their interests when trying to establish a career. He told them that they must be prepared to continue learning throughout their working lives.

Padraic has won a lot of awards both at home and abroad and he addressed many interesting issues. He explained how he has diversified his business and branched out beyond portrait photography. He outlined the various products that his studio deals in and he also told the class about how he has travelled around the world teaching photography with his wife.

Padraic is still involved in a number of businesses despite the recent closure of his portrait studio (Deasy Photographic). There is an online store for photography products (Seamless) which was launched in 2011 and a range of beauty / skincare products (Pestle and Mortar) which came on stream in 2014. He is very busy and works long hours. The students discovered that motivation and dedication are required to be successful in business.

A big thanks to Padraic for helping the LCVP students.

TY Equine Studies – Kildangan Stud Visit Out

4C recently visited Kildangan Stud as part of the Equine Studies module. It was interesting to get a guided tour of the farm – to find out what takes place there and see some of the stallions.

It was also useful to hear about the Godolphin Flying Start programme.

A big thanks to Eoin & Martin for their input. The students really enjoyed the visit and learned a lot.