LCVP – Newbridge Silverware Visit Out

The 5th Year LCVP students recently visited Newbridge Silverware. It was a most enjoyable and educational experience.

The students were taken on a tour of the manufacturing facility as well as museum. The staff at Newbridge Silverware were very helpful. They explained and demonstrated what was going on going on there. In particular we’d like to thank John, Lorcan and Rose for their input. Thanks must also go to Liz who made the arrangements for the visit.

The students had the wonderful opportunity to meet the CEO of Newbridge Silverware, William Doyle who kindly engaged with them and answered questions. We’re very grateful for that.

They got to walk though the showrooms and have some refreshments before leaving. The visit provided a genuine insight into a very successful business.

Newbridge Silverware is an iconic Irish brand – established in 1934. Over 80 years in business is a testament to the quality of the brand, as well as its continued reinvention over the years.

It really was a very worthwhile visit for the students and they learned a lot from it. We wish Newbridge Silverware continued success in the future.

LCVP – Interviews (M Fleming)

The students of 5A were interviewed this week as part of the LCVP programme. It was a wonderful opportunity for them – one that will certainly stand to them in the future. Mairead Fleming (with assistance from Ms McDonnell & Mr Dowling) carried out the interviews.

The students must study “the world of work” as part of this subject. Mairead has already been in with this class (before midterm) to speak about CV preparation and interview technique which should have had them well-prepared for this experience.

Thanks to Mairead for returning to CPC to conduct the interviews and for providing the students with valuable feedback afterwards.

LCVP – Charity Donation – Cara Projects

The 5th Year LCVP class (5A) made a charity donation to Cara Projects. The funds were collected when 5A organised a 1st Year Table Quiz recently.

We welcomed back Paddy O’Connor to accept the funds on behalf of his charity – and he was very thankful for the support.

LCVP – Workplace Rights (Youth Connect / ICTU) Visit In

Selina Lindsay recently visited CPC to meet 5A as part of the ICTU’s Youth Connect programme.

At Youth Connect, the focus is on the issues concerning students and young people. With that in mind they have designed a programme specially for senior cycle students.  It has been developed by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions in partnership with the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union to inform students about their rights as students and workers.

Selina Lindsay is the North East Region Champion covering the counties of Louth, Meath, Cavan and Monaghan. Here is what she has to say about her role in the programme:

As the Youth Connect representative for the North East region I endeavour to raise awareness amongst students of their rights and responsibilities, as they move towards the working world. I aim to foster development of key skills which they will require to pivot them into a secure and positive adult life. As a qualified teacher I particularly enjoy the diversity of the programme which allows me engage with students from a range of subject areas including History, Business Studies and LCVP. The 1913 Lockout workshop, which delves into the history of workers‘rights, together with our variety of Working World workshops, brings the programme full circle. It is personally gratifying to listen to students’ views and hopefully illustrate topics in a way that ensures they see their relevance to their everyday lives.

Some of the Q’s dealt with during the talk were as follow:

  • what rights you are entitled to in school and at work?
  • what a written statement of employment is and why it is important?
  • all workers are entitled to receive a payslip?
  • what the minimum wage rate is?
  • who is on your school student council and how it works?
  • the conditions in which your clothes and accessories are made?
  • how trade unions work?

Lindsay’s talk will have helped the students learn about and understand these and other issues (such as the importance of Health & Safety) which will be important during school and later when they start to work.

Overall it was an interesting and worthwhile learning experience and it will benefit the LCVP students in the future.

Thanks to Lindsay for visiting our school.

LCVP – Enterprise Activity – 1st Year Table Quiz

The 5th Year LCVP class organised a table quiz for the 1st Years. This allowed the 1st Years to enjoy a social experience and have some fun.

The 5A class had to engage in planning and preparation in advance of the quiz as well as carrying out the various tasks involved in running the event on the day. It was a worthwhile learning experience for them.

The 5th Years involved and Mr Dowling (LCVP teacher) would like to thank everyone who assisted with this activity and the 1st Years for their co-operation during it. In particular, a big thanks must go to Mr Wheeler, the quizmaster, and the 5th Year Prefects who helped out. Thanks also to Ms Kenny for sorting the winning prize.

We hope the 1st Years enjoyed participating in the activity. They did well and the standard of answering was high with six teams finishing tied at the top of the scoreboard – so it took a tie-break question to establish the winners: Mia Brierton, Tadhg Walsh, Katherine Howe-Hall & Cathal Stein (all from 1A) and runners-up: Kyle Corcoran, Aideen Farrell, Jack Kavanagh, Olivia Monaghan (all from 1C).

There was a raffle and a fun card game also with goodies to be won – well done to all the lucky winners.

The funds raised as part of this activity will go to charity.

LCVP – Padraic Deasy (Portrait Photographer) Visit In

Local photographer and past pupil Padraic Deasy returned to CPC to meet the 5th Year LCVP class. It was a privilege to welcome Padraic back to the school.

This was a wonderful learning opportunity for the students. Padraic spoke about his career and provided a fascinating insight into the work of a successful entrepreneur. He encouraged the students to follow their interests when trying to establish a career. He told them that they must be prepared to continue learning throughout their working lives.

Padraic has won a lot of awards both at home and abroad and he addressed many interesting issues. He explained how he has diversified his business and branched out beyond portrait photography. He outlined the various products that his studio deals in and he also told the class about how he has travelled around the world teaching photography with his wife.

Padraic is still involved in a number of businesses despite the recent closure of his portrait studio (Deasy Photographic). There is an online store for photography products (Seamless) which was launched in 2011 and a range of beauty / skincare products (Pestle and Mortar) which came on stream in 2014. He is very busy and works long hours. The students discovered that motivation and dedication are required to be successful in business.

A big thanks to Padraic for helping the LCVP students.

LCVP – Community Enterprise (Noel Clare) Visit In

Our retired deputy principal, Noel Clare, recently visited CPC to meet the 5A (LCVP) class. Noel spoke to the students about the importance of enterprise in a community. Having worked for many years on local community initiatives, Noel was ideally placed to inform the students about what is involved.

There was a wide-ranging discussion about the benefits that local enterprising people can bring to a community. Noel outlined some of the projects that Kilcullen Community Action have worked on over the years.

It was a really worthwhile visit and the students learned a lot from it. We’d like to thank Noel for taking the time to visit us and we wish him well in the future.

LCVP – Mairead Fleming (CV & Interview) Visit In

Mairead Fleming, Managing Director of Ascension Executive Recruitment, recently visited CPC to meet the 5th Year LCVP class. It was a fascinating talk and it provided the students with a fantastic learning opportunity. Mairead discussed her own background and explained how she became involved in the world of recruitment.

The students were provided with expert advice about how to put together a good CV and Cover Letter. They also learned about how to prepare for an interview … by discussing the typical questions to expect at an interview and how to be ready for them. The students had the opportunity to ask questions and some did engage with Mairead about various issues. Arising out of this visit, the students will prepare their own CV and Cover Letter. They will be interviewed too which will also be a really worthwhile experience.

The students are very fortunate to have received Mairead’s advice – it enhanced their learning in LCVP. They picked up a lot to assist them in preparation for the world of work and it will undoubtedly stand to them as they prepare to leave school and begin planning a career. This was a memorable learning experience and we are very grateful to Mairead for visiting our school and sharing her expertise with us. We look forward to welcoming her back to CPC for the interviews in the weeks ahead.

LCVP – Paddy O’Connor (Cara Projects) Visit In

Paddy O’Connor of Cara Projects once again visited CPC to meet the 5A students (the 5th Year LCVP class). He described the work carried out by his charity in Kenya. It was very interesting to learn about this charity and it was fascinating to find out how this project got off the ground and stays going.

The theme of the talk was enterprise and it provided the students with a useful insight into the innovation and creativity required to set up and manage a charity. As usual, it was a talk full of passion and enthusiasm. We heard inspiring stories about some of the children that the charity has helped. It was a great learning opportunity for the students to meet and engage with Paddy.

We are very grateful for the visit and we wish Cara Projects well with it’s fine work (helping lots of vulnerable women in Kenya) into the future.

Awards Day 2017

The annual CPC Awards Day took place today.

As usual, awards were presented to the year groups under a number of headings … academic excellence, application to study, attendance, music, sport, etc. Students were also acknowledged for their contribution to school life as prefects and student council members. Well done to all the recipients of the various awards.

Thanks must go to the following 5th Years for their efforts – Ben Newman, who was the photographer for the day, and his assistant Fiachra Healy.