LCVP – Newbridge Silverware Visit Out

The 5th Year LCVP students recently visited Newbridge Silverware. It was a most enjoyable and educational experience.

The students were taken on a tour of the manufacturing facility as well as museum. The staff at Newbridge Silverware were very helpful. They explained and demonstrated what was going on going on there. In particular we’d like to thank John, Lorcan and Rose for their input. Thanks must also go to Liz who made the arrangements for the visit.

The students had the wonderful opportunity to meet the CEO of Newbridge Silverware, William Doyle who kindly engaged with them and answered questions. We’re very grateful for that.

They got to walk though the showrooms and have some refreshments before leaving. The visit provided a genuine insight into a very successful business.

Newbridge Silverware is an iconic Irish brand – established in 1934. Over 80 years in business is a testament to the quality of the brand, as well as its continued reinvention over the years.

It really was a very worthwhile visit for the students and they learned a lot from it. We wish Newbridge Silverware continued success in the future.