LCVP – Workplace Rights (Youth Connect / ICTU) Visit In

Selina Lindsay recently visited CPC to meet 5A as part of the ICTU’s Youth Connect programme.

At Youth Connect, the focus is on the issues concerning students and young people. With that in mind they have designed a programme specially for senior cycle students.  It has been developed by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions in partnership with the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union to inform students about their rights as students and workers.

Selina Lindsay is the North East Region Champion covering the counties of Louth, Meath, Cavan and Monaghan. Here is what she has to say about her role in the programme:

As the Youth Connect representative for the North East region I endeavour to raise awareness amongst students of their rights and responsibilities, as they move towards the working world. I aim to foster development of key skills which they will require to pivot them into a secure and positive adult life. As a qualified teacher I particularly enjoy the diversity of the programme which allows me engage with students from a range of subject areas including History, Business Studies and LCVP. The 1913 Lockout workshop, which delves into the history of workers‘rights, together with our variety of Working World workshops, brings the programme full circle. It is personally gratifying to listen to students’ views and hopefully illustrate topics in a way that ensures they see their relevance to their everyday lives.

Some of the Q’s dealt with during the talk were as follow:

  • what rights you are entitled to in school and at work?
  • what a written statement of employment is and why it is important?
  • all workers are entitled to receive a payslip?
  • what the minimum wage rate is?
  • who is on your school student council and how it works?
  • the conditions in which your clothes and accessories are made?
  • how trade unions work?

Lindsay’s talk will have helped the students learn about and understand these and other issues (such as the importance of Health & Safety) which will be important during school and later when they start to work.

Overall it was an interesting and worthwhile learning experience and it will benefit the LCVP students in the future.

Thanks to Lindsay for visiting our school.