LCVP – Enterprise Activity – 1st Year Table Quiz

The 5th Year LCVP class organised a table quiz for the 1st Years. This allowed the 1st Years to enjoy a social experience and have some fun.

The 5A class had to engage in planning and preparation in advance of the quiz as well as carrying out the various tasks involved in running the event on the day. It was a worthwhile learning experience for them.

The 5th Years involved and Mr Dowling (LCVP teacher) would like to thank everyone who assisted with this activity and the 1st Years for their co-operation during it. In particular, a big thanks must go to Mr Wheeler, the quizmaster, and the 5th Year Prefects who helped out. Thanks also to Ms Kenny for sorting the winning prize.

We hope the 1st Years enjoyed participating in the activity. They did well and the standard of answering was high with six teams finishing tied at the top of the scoreboard – so it took a tie-break question to establish the winners: Mia Brierton, Tadhg Walsh, Katherine Howe-Hall & Cathal Stein (all from 1A) and runners-up: Kyle Corcoran, Aideen Farrell, Jack Kavanagh, Olivia Monaghan (all from 1C).

There was a raffle and a fun card game also with goodies to be won – well done to all the lucky winners.

The funds raised as part of this activity will go to charity.