LCVP – Padraic Deasy (Portrait Photographer) Visit In

Local photographer and past pupil Padraic Deasy returned to CPC to meet the 5th Year LCVP class. It was a privilege to welcome Padraic back to the school.

This was a wonderful learning opportunity for the students. Padraic spoke about his career and provided a fascinating insight into the work of a successful entrepreneur. He encouraged the students to follow their interests when trying to establish a career. He told them that they must be prepared to continue learning throughout their working lives.

Padraic has won a lot of awards both at home and abroad and he addressed many interesting issues. He explained how he has diversified his business and branched out beyond portrait photography. He outlined the various products that his studio deals in and he also told the class about how he has travelled around the world teaching photography with his wife.

Padraic is still involved in a number of businesses despite the recent closure of his portrait studio (Deasy Photographic). There is an online store for photography products (Seamless) which was launched in 2011 and a range of beauty / skincare products (Pestle and Mortar) which came on stream in 2014. He is very busy and works long hours. The students discovered that motivation and dedication are required to be successful in business.

A big thanks to Padraic for helping the LCVP students.