LCVP – Paddy O’Connor (Cara Projects) Visit In

Paddy O’Connor of Cara Projects once again visited CPC to meet the 5A students (the 5th Year LCVP class). He described the work carried out by his charity in Kenya. It was very interesting to learn about this charity and it was fascinating to find out how this project got off the ground and stays going.

The theme of the talk was enterprise and it provided the students with a useful insight into the innovation and creativity required to set up and manage a charity. As usual, it was a talk full of passion and enthusiasm. We heard inspiring stories about some of the children that the charity has helped. It was a great learning opportunity for the students to meet and engage with Paddy.

We are very grateful for the visit and we wish Cara Projects well with it’s fine work (helping lots of vulnerable women in Kenya) into the future.